2013 ORA Rodeo Announcer Joe Scully


Professional Rodeo Announcer

Joe Scully

Ontario, Canada

Joe Scully, is an award-winning PROFESSIONAL Rodeo Emcee and Live-Event Sound Artisan from Canada! As a Canadian, you’ll notice that this cowboy has a different accent then some of the announcers here in America. Joe, is a Professional Rodeo Announcer in 3 different Rodeo Associations today such as: IPRA, PRCA, ORA. To be a Rodeo Announcer you must do your homework, and study all of the riders that are competing in the Rodeo/bull riding that day! Joe being a Canadian Professional Rodeo Announcer, sticks out of the crowd and amazes Rodeo fans with his history and research as he Emcee’s the Rodeo world with his TRUE talents whether that be announcing a rodeo or spreading his “brand” across the social media world! With that being said…

Joe Scully will be joining me on RodeoChat THIS  Thursday to talk about the Ontario Finals Rodeo: Ancaster this coming weekend (March 22-24) http://www.joescully.com/rodeo/events/details/148-ontario-finals-rodeo-ancaster.html ! Joe Scully, will be the Rodeo announcer for the Ontario Finals Rodeo for his 6TH times this year!  To follow along Use/Follow RodeoChat on Twitter to JOIN in on the chat every Thursday night at 8 PM CT! More Info: https://twitter.com/RodeoChat

We hope y’all have a wonderful week, and we hope to see each and every one of you THIS Thursday night over on RodeoChat at 8 PM CT!

– Paige Gregory


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