3/14/13 #RodeoChat – 2013 Miss Rodeo Oregon

2013 Miss Rodeo Oregon – Nicole Schrock

Question 1: What made you want to become a Rodeo Queen?

I first became a Rodeo Queen so that I could give back to my community, a community which I owe so much for supporting me. I love connecting with people from across the country, and sharing my love of the sport.

Question 2: With a title of being named 2013 Miss Rodeo Oregon must have took a lot of time and work I’m sure. What kind of sacrifices did you have to make to become Miss Rodeo Oregon?

The biggest sacrifice I have had to make is taking time out of schooling to chase this rodeo dream. It definitely takes a lot of time, but I think it is very worth it 🙂

Question 3: Okay, this question is just for fun but.. If you were asked to create a NEW rodeo event what would it be, and why?

Oh goodness! I feel like I am at pageant again! If I could invent a new rodeo event.. I would go with old school cowhide races… Because it’s just an example of the fun you get up to on the ranch! But it can be dangerous… So kids, don’t try it at home! Lol

Question 4: Being a Rodeo Queen you have the opportunity to travel to a lot of different places.. What are some interesting places you have traveled to already?

Last month I wrestled a gator in Florida! 🙂 That sure was interesting! And I’m looking forward to the RNCFR and a parade through Washington DC next month!

Question 5: As a Rodeo Queen you have the chance to meet/talk with a lot of interesting people. What’s the one question you get asked a lot about being 2013 Miss Rodeo Oregon?

I get a lot of interesting questions, especially going through the airport.. When people find out that I am a rodeo queen, I get a lot of: “So you ride bulls right?” and I have to explain that no, I don’t. I also get a lot of original questions about what is in my hat can when traveling through the airport. People are convinced that it’s some sort of band instrument, they don’t believe me when I say it’s a cowboy hat!

Question 6:  In the social media world do you think Rodeo Queens are more known today, then a couple of years ago? If not, what would you do to make yourself more known and to be more involved in the rodeo industry?

I think in rodeo, are for rodeo queens, social media is the next big thing. It has allowed me to reach and connect with people from all over the country. I get to show them what all it takes to be a traveling ambassador for rodeo, ore., and ag. It is also very effective tool for reaching the younger generation and keeping the sport alive in the eyes of our youth.

Question 7:  What are you wanting out of the 2013 Miss Rodeo experience?

Firstly, I want to show the country that rodeo is thriving in Oregon, and introduce them to my state, and secondly, I want to be able to walk away from this year with a sense of accomplishment in a job well done. I only have one year to be Miss Rodeo Oregon, and I want to make sure I do it right 🙂

Question 8: What’s one rodeo you’re looking forward to go to this year as a rodeo queen?

I absolutely cannot wait for the Pendleton Round Up because it is a premier Oregon rodeo and has so much history to share with the world, and it is one of my all time favorite rodeo experiences!

Question 9: What’s your Rodeo Queen summer schedule look like for this year?

Busy! haha my focus is on Oregon and the Northwest, but you will also be seeing me at other stops across the country like Cheyenne Frontier Days, Hall of fame inductions, and at the end of my year I will compete for Miss Rodeo America in Las Vegas!

If you wanna keep up to date on 2013 Miss Rodeo America.. Check out Nicole on these sites:

Twitter: @Nicole_Schrock

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rodeochat#!/nicole.schrock?fref=ts

Thanks again to every one that joined us tonight on RodeoChat! We appreciate all of your kind messages! Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend, and safe travels to where ever you may be traveling too.

– Paige Gregory





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