2013 Miss Rodeo Oregon Nicole Schrock

Lights, Camera, action.. Nicole Schrock is your 2013 Miss Rodeo Oregon ladies & gentleman! Nicole, is from Corvallis, OR and she’s currently attending college at Oregon State University pursuing her Bachelors in Bio-Resource Research: Applied Genetics and Agricultural Education! Nicole, is 23 year’s old and she’s doing what she loves! Traveling the world, and bringing more fans into the Rodeo Industry by spreading her message all the way from Oregon! With that being said..

Me being from Oregon, I only thought it would be fair if I had my home state Miss Rodeo Oregon Nicole Schrock as our very first Rodeo Queen on RodeoChat! Nicole, will be joining me on RodeoChat THIS Thursday at 8 PM CST! For those of you that are NEW to the RodeoChat world.. RodeoChat is a weekly chat all done on Twitter where we chat with some of your favorite Rodeo athletes in a Q&A format! For more info about RodeoChat, check us out on Twitter and make sure you follow us as well: https://twitter.com/RodeoChat

– Paige Gregory


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