3/7/13 #RodeoChat – Lane Wilhelm, young PRCA rookie hot on the trail!


Question 1:  As a bull rider what’s one thing that makes you stick out from all of the other bull riders?

I’d have to say I’m led by god to do it and the passion he’d put in my heart for the sport out ways others and the time I put into it.

Question 2: A lot of Bull rider say they ride like Kody Lostroh, and Chris Shivers. If you had to pick a guy’s Riding style you ride like who would it be and why?

That’s a tough one every one has the same basics. I like to say I ride like me controlled and aggressive but pretty much always spurring maybe somewhat like Lostroh.

Question 3: Who are your idols? And how have they inspired you in your bull riding career?

I wouldn’t call them idols but heroes and people I look up to are my dad. And Corey Navarre my traveling partner. Dad, has always pointed me in the right direction and had a big part in me getting this far. Corey, has done so much for me and has been pushing me to my limits. It’s great traveling with a guy that’s been down the road and I’m thankful.

Question 4: I know that traveling all over the road to a rodeo can be tough at times. How do you keep yourself focused and ready to ride at the next event?

You can’t ride the next one thinking about the last one…. I just chill have fun I prepare everyday I’m home so I’m confident on the road in myself. So I just relax and don’t over think it. 

Question 5: When your home, and taking a break from riding bulls what do you like to do for fun?

Doesn’t seem like a break lol. Stay hooked up between drills and practice but probably riding horses, fighting bulls, messing with bulls, playing guitar, and anything Cowboy. I live it, and love it!

Question 6: Whats something you’ve done in your bull riding career this year that you didn’t do last year? Ex. Events, bulls you rode etc.

I went to my first D1 Xtreme bulls event and placed top 8 I rode a lot of the bulls they bucked off at the NFR last year. I have been super blessed.

Question 7: What’s the highest score you’ve got on a bull in your bull riding career? And what bull was it?

I was 89 on a bull named cat daddy of Allan Mcloys but there are a lot of times I felt I should have been 90 counting than lol.. But that was my most memorable.

Question 8: Is it safe to ask what your summer plans look like? Any new bull ridings you’re gonna attend a ride at?

I’m going to go to a lot of events Corey has been entering me up and were both headed to the NFR and it’s going to take some going. 

Question 9: Before you get on the back of a bull do you do any certain routines like listen to your favorite song, pray etc. ?

I always pray not just before I ride but yes.. That’s one thing. I usually have a Rock Star Energy drink and stretch out and just relax and stay calm cool and collective.

Question 10: Do you have any go to music that you listen to when your going down the road that pumps you up before your ride?

Believe it or not Lil Wayne gets me a little pumped at times lol! 

Favorite Lil Wayne song: I’m going in, and some of his other high energy songs.

Question 11: Where can your bull riding fans keep up to date with your bull riding career and happenings?

Twitter: @lane_d_wilhelm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lane.wilhelm?fref=ts

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– Paige Gregory


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