2/28/13 #RodeoChat – Daryl Thiessen, Professional Bullfighter with a heart and mind of a champion.


Daryl Thiessen. Professional Bullfighter. EPB.PBR.BRC.CPRA

Elite Pro Bull Riders – Professional Bull Riding – Bull Riders Of Canada – Canadian Pro Rodeo Assoc.

Question 1: How did you get involved with bullfighting? Did it run in the family or did you just go your own route?

I’m a first generation rodeo cowboy, my grandpa and dad ran a little ranch when I was growing up, my dad took me to a bull riding when I was 5 years old and ever since then it has been something I love and crave.

Wow, that’s pretty dang cool! So how does it feel being a first generation Rodeo Cowboy?

It’s an indescribable feeling and passion. To be apart of a western heritage  that’s so strong and rich in history is something I am extremely proud to be apart of. Can’t wait for one day to have a family of my own and continue a way of life I live everyday.

Question 2: You were 2012 Elite Pro Bull Riders bullfighter of the year. How does it feel to be in that caliber and to be named bullfighter of the year?

It was a tremendous honour. It has ben the highlight of my career this far! Just to be recognized by that caliber of riders and for them to think that highly means a lot to me and is an awesome feeling.

Was this your first year on the Elite Pro Bull Riders Series?

No this one my second year. I have been fortunate enough to be selected to fight both finals 2011 and 2012! Can’t wait to see what 2013 has to offer! Going bigger and better!

Question 3: I noticed that a lot of bullfighters do a lot of different moves in the arena fighting bulls. Do you have a favorite move you like to do when your fighting bulls?

I’m not sure that I have a favorite move, it’s hard to rely on one move when the flow and pace is constantly changing it’s a crazy sport that can go wrong in a hurry so you must have a few moves tucked away for different scenarios.

Question 4:   Have you had any bad wrecks fighting bulls? If so, what was your worst wreck?

Yes I have, unfortunately that’s part of the game. Lots of wrecks along the way, my worst took place at a practice pen this past June. A bull got me down and broke a vertebrae and crushed another one. I was out of the game for 5 weeks. It hurt worse to watch then it actually did to break it!

Ouch! Sounds painful just thinking about it! So your healthy and up and running around pain-free now?

Haha ya it wasn’t a great feeling! You know back at it and stronger than ever! I hit the gym hard soon as sports medicine allowed me too and felt even better when I came back off the wreck.

Question 5: So, word on the street is that Bull Riders Of Canada (BRC) is a NEW Roughstock assoc. being born in Canada. How does it feel to be able to fight bulls for a new Rodeo Assoc. that’s just starting out?

It’s always good to help build a sport in your own country. If I can go do my thing and fight bulls rank enough that they recognize my talent and want me to be apart of it that’s an honor. I can’t wait to get it kicked off!

Question 6: You have some amazing career goals that your working on to achieve right now. How are you chasing these dreams to become bullfighter of the year, and maybe one day fighting bulls in the NFR and PBR?

Every year that passes I realize how much harder you have to work at it in and out of the arena. It’s all day 24/7 on my mind. I’m a bullfighter from the time I wake up till I go to bed. To be at the top is gonna take an everyday kind of work ethic. I’m in the gym everyday always trying to improve my footwork and all that! It’s a huge mental game too!

Exactly! You gotta be focused 100% if you really want it!

Exactly. Were not rich spoiled athletes we work our butts off for everything we get. Have to make a lot of sacrifices and stay focused even when times are tough. Tough times don’t build characters they reveal it.

Question 7: I know that traveling to all these rodeos can get pretty crazy. Do you travel with anyone that helps you out down the road?

Up here in Canada I go a lot by myself or jump in with the odd bull riders. Scheduling is a job on its own! When I’m down South I jump in with the Okie boys Cody Webster, Chuck Swisher, and Nathan Harp and we go a lot together. This summer myself and Nate Jestes from Wyoming plan on going together to the freestyles and see if we can’t win ourselves some mula!

Question 8: Do you have any certain routines that you do before you go out into the arena to fight bulls?

I like to stretch a lot a get 110% mentally ready. Our lives are on the line every time so that’s important. Listen to a lot of music mostly hip hop. Like to stay loose and cool but focused at the same time!

Question 9: Being a freestyle bullfighter must be pretty dang awesome! Do you feel that freestyle bullfighting should be known better? If so, if you had a way to make it more known how would you go about doing that?

It’s the best life I could ask for! It truly is a modern-day gladiator sport. Man vs beast! I’m not sure why it hasn’t taken off lately. The main thing is we need a big sponsor! Since Wrangler dropped there tour few years back no one has picked it up. It’s time to go mainstream we are right there with the X GAMES! One sponsor and it could take off never a dull moment! I think a sponsor like Red Bull would be perfect! Put a little Cowboy in their program! Where else are you gonna find guy’s who will go one on one with a Mexican fighting bull!

So Rodeo fans These Freestyle bullfighters need your help spreading the word to Red Bull Energy for a sponsor! These freestyle bullfighters want to be right up with the dirt bikes in the X games and they need your help! If you could post a tweet to Red Bull on Facebook or Twitter letting them know about Freestyle bullfighters that would mean the world to these Freestyle bullfighters! I don’t know about y’all.. But I think these FreeStyle bullfigters deserve to have the light shined on them a lot more than just a few seconds! What do you guy’s think? I think it’s worth a shot!

Question 10: Any interesting summer plans or anything new you’re doing this summer that you haven’t done last year?

Well I’m gonna buy my PRCA card this year and just fight as many bulls as humanly possible! Enter every freestyle I can and go to as many Bull ridings and Rodeos as they will let me go! I truly love everything about fighting bulls!

Sounds like you got a great summer lined up ahead of you!

I’m hoping so gotta believe!

For those of you wanting to follow Daryl on some of his FAVORITE social media sites check him out on:

Twitter: @DarylThiessen

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/daryl.thiessen

Instagram: ElToro22

Thanks again to everyone that joined us tonight on RodeoChat! Huge Shoutout and thankyou to our guest Daryl for taking the time out of his day to chat with us on RodeoChat tonight! I hope each, and every one of you have a wonderful and safe weekend where ever you may be!

– Paige Gregory


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