One special bullfighter setting his own route in life by fighting some of america’s rankest bulls to achieve his D R E A M S.

Daryl Thiessen

Canadian Professional Bullfighter

( Thanks to Ted Stovin for shooting this video of Daryl  )

When you see Daryl Thiessen, you’d think he’s just a normal guy from Canada.. Nope, he’s far from normal. Daryl, is a Professional bullfighter from Canada trying to set his own route in life by fighting bull’s. Daryl, has had the privilege of fighting bull’s in some amazing Rodeo Assoc’s such as: PBR, CPRA (Canadian Pro Rodeo Assoc.) , EPB (Elite Pro Bull Riders), BRC (Bull Riders Of Canada) . Also, you might even see Daryl on the PRCA circuit soon as he will purchase his PRCA card this year. Of course, fighting bull’s is great.. But Daryl, has had some great accomplishments in his bullfighting career such as: 2011 – 2012 Elite Pro bull rider EPB Bullfighter. 2012 Elite Pro Bull rider’s EPB bullfighter of the year. 2011 Lakeland rodeo association (LRA) finals bullfighter. 2011 FCA finals bullfighter. 2012 World Champion bullfights finalist. Freestyle bullfighting in Ardmore, Oklahoma. 

Now here come’s the good stuff! Daryl Thiessen, will be joining me on RodeoChat THIS THURSDAY at 8 PM CST! Will be talking about his bullfighting career, freestyle bullfighting, and some of his career goals that he’s working hard towards include: Fighting bulls in the PBR BFTS. NFR. CFR (Canadian Finals Rodeo). Daryl, would also like to win the world this year, and be the world champion freestyle bullfighter. Daryl, would also like to fight some bull’s in CBR, and get into the Rodeo Salina’s bullfights! Sounds like some pretty darn good future plan’s, right? Join us THIS THURSDAY at 8 PM CST to find out how Daryl is chasing his dreams into achieving his future plans! For more info, check out:

– Paige Gregory


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