RodeoChat take’s you behind the scene’s of a Professional Steer Wrestler’s lifestyle!

Chance Butterfield

Professional Steer Wrestler

Ponoka, AB

Canadian Professional Rodeo Association


Question 1: What does a day in the life of a Professional Steer Wrestler look like? Care to give us details?

Well much like any other event really. We dedicate ourselves to our event through practice and proper conditioning of our horses and our own bodies. During the season you’re married to your crew and horse. Long days and many miles.

Question 2: What type of “crew” does a Professional steer wrestler require?

Well good question… It can be as little as a two-man operation. Usually have one or both cowboys capable of hazing for other man/men in the rig. As far as horses, usually one SW horse and one haze horse. The most you will see up North of the US in a crew is 4. We are limited to 4 cowboys entering on a sing card. On a side note, you try to fill your rig with positive personalities. Nothing worse than being half way through the season and wanting to leave your depressed traveling partner in a ditch.

Question 3: What kind of horses do you use in your steer wrestling events?

Majority are quarter horses although you run into everything. A good SW horse is a hard thing to find! Being box broke obviously is a key point but they also need the proper disposition to want to run by steers (hard). 

Question 4: So how do you train your horses for steer wrestling events? Do you train them? Or do you hire someone?

Training a dogging horse is a little interesting. Most times (personally) we will send them off to get team roped on for a few months. Great way to get them introduced to the box and cattle. After that we will haze off him and see how he handles the stress. The next is something I don’t care for.. jumping off for the first time. The horse i ride now (Chiquita) was jumped off of by Ben Ramey for the first couple hundred then I took him to the US with me to finish him. 

Question 5: What’s the hardest part of a steer wrestlers job? And what’s the easiest part of your job?

I’ll answer that by saying what the most important job is. Taking care of my horse is by far #1 on my list.. Your horse is 75% of your run. If he’s not in tip-top shape and feeling great then you’re throwing away your own money! Spend on the vet bills and buy the good feed. Hardest: trying to practice and stay sharp when you’re not home to do so. Practice, for me, is critical to keeping confidence. ( My crew say the hardest thing for me is driving) Easiest: lol, I can do the sleeping part of the driving shift better than any man.

Question 6: What’s your summer schedule look like? Will you be hitting the road pretty hard this summer?

Our season in the CPRA is steady from mid may till end of June. This year I will be hitting all CPRA rodeos and fully intend to hit some PRCA rodeos down across the 49TH (49TH Parallel border between US/Canada) . My intent is to get qualifications out-of-the-way this season so I can make a run for it if I choose to. 

For those of you wanting to keep up to date with Chance on some of his favorite social media sites, check him out on:

Twitter: @CC_Butterfield

Thanks again to everyone that joined into tonight’s RodeoChat, and for those of you who couldn’t join in.. I hope y’all enjoyed the chat I posted above!

– Paige Gregory




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