Bullriding, championships, Hero’s, and injuries.. The rundown of 2012 Professional Championship bull rider Brandon Davis

For those of you who missed tonight’s RodeoChat.. We had 2012 PCB (Professional Championship Bull Riding) Champion Brandon Davis as our guest tonight.. And, here is a run down of what we talked about! Enjoy everyone 🙂

Question 1: In your eye’s what makes a tough bull rider?

To be a tough bull rider you have to learn to deal with pain, the miles, and injuries that come with the sport. 

Question 2: Would you say the pain, and the hard work helped you become the 2012 PCB champion?

I would say the hard work has a part of it. I train everyday towards this sport. The pain just makes you realize if bull riding is for you or not. 

Question 3:  What kind of training do you go through every day that helps you be the best in bull riding?

I do a lot of cardio and core work outs. Crossfit and the Insanity workout programs also keep me in the shape I need to be in for bull riding.

Question 4: Is it better to workout early in the morning or late at night? Also, how long do you workout for every day?

I really don’t think it matters when you work out. I usually do 35 minutes to an hour on cardio, then another 35 minutes to an hour on core. Then the next day work on legs arms to an hour on core. 

Question 5: Larry Mahan is one of my idols that inspires me every day. Do you have an idol that in the Rodeo industry that inspires you like that?

I do!! Chris Shivers is one of my top idols. He’s a legend!! Jim the Razor sharp, and my boss the owner Creek and bulls Shawn Thorsell. 

Question 6: Out of all of those guy’s you listed.. Who has motivated you the most in your bull riding career?

I would say Chris Shivers.

Question 7: How has Chris Shivers motivated you to be better at bull riding?

Just his hunger to be the best, and the strive he had to ride the RANK ONES.

Question 8: Is there a bull that you haven’t had the chance to ride yet that you would like to ride? If so, what bull is it?

I would like to get at Circle T’s Jack Daniels After Party for sure!

Question 9:  What’s been the worst injury you’ve had in bull riding?

I would have to say my separated hip back in 2009 at a PRCA event in Dover, Ohio.

Question 10: How did you mend through that accident? I’m sure it was tough taking time off.

It sucked I was put out for three months, a lot of video games and bull riding videos got me through it.

Question 11: If you could give any bull rider just starting out any advice.. What would it be and why?

Stick with it, and never back down! 

For those of you wanting to stay up to date on Brandon’s bull riding career.. Check him out on some of his favorite social media sites:

Twitter: @bdavis1643

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/creekbendbulls?fref=ts


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