Professional Steer Wrestler from Canada joins us on RodeoChat This THURSDAY at 8 PM CST!

Chance Butterfield

Ponoka, AB




Professional Steer wrestler

CPRA – Canadian Professional Rodeo Association

Steer Wrestling:  known as bulldogging, is a rodeo event in which a horse-mounted rider chases a steer, drops from the horse to the steer, then wrestles the steer to the ground by twisting its horns.

– Wikipedia

Steer Wrestling is one of the quickest Rodeo events. Also, known as bulldogging. Steer Wrestling, requires strength, speed and timing. You may notice some of the steer wrestlers are built a bit bigger.. That’s because this event is known as the Big man’s event.

Here’s what a day in the life of Steer Wrestler  Chance Butterfield look’s like:

Professional Steer Wrestler Chance butterfield , will be joining me on RodeoChat THIS thursday night over on Twitter at 8 PM CST! Will be talking about steer wrestling and how he got started in this quickest timed event. If any of you Rodeo fans have any question’s you would like to know about Steer wrestling.. Feel free to post it in a comment below, or tweet me at @RodeoChat on Twitter! For More info:

– Paige Gregory




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