If you missed the official Rodeo Guide for City Slickers Special on RodeoChat tonight..

– Here is the Official Rodeo Guide for City Slickers RodeoChat –

Question 1: When did this whole idea of writing a book about the Rodeo industry pop into your head?

The idea came to me last year. I’d been involved with the Vancouver Olympics and that taught me to think differently. Plus my friend @stampede_steve showed me what the Rodeo is really all about at the @calgarystampede.

Question 2: You had the chance to interview quite a range of different cowboys in the Rodeo Industry for #RodeoGuide. Do you have a favorite cowboy that you interviewed?

well, first of all, thank YOU for helping me connect with some of them! But speaking with real cowboys was a highlight of the project. All of them were the real deal. Professionals . in every way. Also very welcoming and open to city folks. So approachable, welcoming, talented .  And truly under-appreciated by the mainstream. but @CC_Butterfield (Chance ButterField) was awesome and so was @JoshPeekRodeo (Josh Peek) .Josh was out shopping with his family when he took my call. And @bucklunak was awesome, and @TedStovin has some stories to tell! Olympic medalist @Mehollingsworth was sensational. I have followed her since I worked at the Olympics. Moral of the story, cowboys are awesome. And Cowboys want city people to enjoy the sport.

Question 3: Writing a book about the Rodeo industry was probably a blast to write about. Were there any parts of this “Rodeo Guide” that were tougher to write about, than some other chapters?

The hardest part is the research. Especially when you are coming at it as a city slicker. Lots of questions so I checked in with @Rod_MacBeth(Rodeo Announcer)  a few times to make sure I was on the right track with the rodeo events . So the golden rule is: when in doubt, ask a professional rodeo announcer : ) Hopefully I’ve done a good enough job that city folks will understand the different events, the rules, and skills.

Question 4: I love some of the quotes you posted from the Rodeo athlete’s in Rodeo Guide! Do you have a favorite quote from the book?

Well, Josh Peek’s comments about being more than a sport was pretty cool! “Rodeo is a sport, but it’s also a way of living with values, integrity and character”. You don;t hear a lot of mainstream athletes talk like that. So refreshing! Really makes you appreciate these guys! Also, Buck Lunak said: ” You must believe in yourself. To be successful you have to train your mind to be positive.” Also, fun to learn that Chance Butterfield (Professional Steer Wrestler) listens to Led Zepplin to get psyched up before an event!

Question 5: I love how you mentioned the roping, and steer wrestling events. Do you think that maybe Rodeo Guide will bring more people’s attention to these events?

Yes, once you understand them a bit better – and hopefully the Guide does that – you can see how cool those events are. Plus barrel racing, which I personally think is an adrenaline rush just to watch! I tried to include some additional insights in the sport events. Not just the rules, but also some info on the kind of skills and training that are required, and what some of the special equipment is. Like, until I did the research, I didn’t really appreciate the differences between the various saddles and how important that is! But, hopefully those insights will add value to city folks when they go to the rodeo.

Question 6: How long did it take you to write Rodeo Guide , and which chapter took you the longest to write about?

Well, it took about eight months to write the manuscript , and probably another one after that to proofread and edit. Another Month, on cover art and website (up now technically at therodeoguide.com) should be up next month.  Also, the chapters on the main rodeo events were probably the hardest because there was a lot of different info in different places. And not all consistent.  So, I had to do lot’s of checking, and ask lots of questions. So, that is some of the value of the guide for my city friends. I have done the homework for you 🙂 Also, developing the list of 50 follows on Twitter took months of following rodeo folks on Twitter to see.

If your intrested in following the Rodeo Guide on some of your social media sites check out:

Kobo: http://www.kobobooks.com/search/search.html?q=Rodeo+Guide

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RodeoChat

Website: http://therodeoguide.com/

Thanks again everyone that joined us tonight on RodeoChat! For those of you that couldn’t join tonight’s Rodeo Chat, I hope you enjoyed the full on chat I posted for you! Hope yall have a wonderful week!

– Paige Gregory




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