Special Rodeo Guide on RodeoChat tonight at 8 PM CST!

Graeme Menzies, communications professional and Director of Marketing Communications at the University of British Columbia decided to take a twist and try something new..  Graeme, decided to write a Rodeo Guide for City slickers! But, before all of this came to mind Graeme was Communications Director for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, and he’s also worked at Microsoft’s global HQ in Redmond, WA! Talk about a great Resume, ay?

The million dollar question everyone is probably waiting for is.. Why did Graeme want to write a Rodeo Guide about the Rodeo industry? When I asked Graeme, about this question he gave me two answers. Here’s what he had to say:

First, my experience with the Olympics really gave me an opportunity to think more deeply about the Sport. Second, my friend Steve McDonough (one of the Directors of the Calgary Stamped) exposed me to many of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the rodeo.

Those two things came together at about the same time and I could see that a lot of city people (like me) would really be impressed by rodeo if they had the right information, packaged the right way (download to your iPhone), and written by one of their own.
The athletic and cultural aspects of rodeo are grossly under-appreciated in mainstream society, and I thought it would be a worthy goal to see If I could try to turn that around. At least in some small way.
My favorite part of the book is the “What’s the big deal …” chapter because it has so much cool information about the progressive social and cultural aspects of the West.
Guess what Rodeo fans.. I, Paige Gregory had the chance to help out with Greame’s Rodeo Guide project. I helped Graeme with the fashion tips, and connected him with some folks in the Rodeo industry! For those of you that don’t have an E – book reader here’s what the man behind the book “Rodeo Guide” had to say about me in the Acknowledgements:
I was also mentioned in the top 50 Twitter handles to follow on  Twitter in Rodeo Guide:
I was so privileged to be part of a project with so many other amazing Rodeo athletes! For Example: Josh Peek, Championship Tie-down roper. Mellisa Hollingsworth, Olympic Medalist and barrel racer from Canada. Ted Stovin, Bull rider and head honcho of http://www.everythingcowboy.com . Luke Snyder, PBR bull rider. Those are just to name a few.. If you’d like to see a full list of the TOP 50 Twitter handles to follow on Twitter check out the Official Rodeo Guide book here:  http://www.therodeoguide.com/ or http://www.kobobooks.com/search/search.html?q=Rodeo+Guide
To learn more about the “Rodeo Guide” for city slickers join me TONIGHT at 8 PM CST for a SPECIAL RodeoChat with Graeme Menzies! Will be talking about Graeme’s NEW book ” Rodeo Guide” and what it took to write a Rodeo guide for city folks! RodeoChat, is an hour-long tweet chat all done on Twitter where we chat with Rodeo folk in the Rodeo industry from newbies, to veterans, to legends! For More Info Check Out: https://twitter.com/RodeoChat
We hope to see you Rodeo Fans, and city slickers over on RodeoChat on Twitter tonight at 8 PM CST!
– Paige Gregory

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