2/7/13 #RodeoChat : World Professional Chuckwagon Driver – Rae Croteau JR.


FYI: CWR = Chuckwagon Races.

Question 1: I was reading your bio earlier today, and your classified as one of the exciting and successful young chuckwagon drivers around. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that?

Well I live off the adrenalin of winning and I’m not afraid to Go for it! I’m a 3rd generation driver and proud of it.

Question 2: Where did chuckwagon racing get its name? Why do you call it chuckwagon racing?

In the old days it was the Chuckwagon that carried all the food and supplies, then we start racing them! 

Question 3: You’ve won nine major show championships in your career. Out of those 9 which event stood out the most in your Chuck Wagon Driving career?

Edmonton Klondike days was my Favorite, my fist big Dash For Cash Win, I was 21 years old and beat some of the best.

Question 4: I’m sure it take’s awhile to train chuck wagon horses. What kind of training process do the horses have to go through to be able to race?

We use thoroughbred Race horses, so they already know how to run, we take a year or 2 training them to drive, Like any athlete these horse can be a complete natural to CWR or may take a little longer to learn their role.

Question 5: Your 3 horses were WPCA’s Equine Outfit of Excellence, and you received the WPCA
Showmanship Award for professionalism in 02.What kind of obsticles did u go through to achieve that success?

Like any sport, takes time to be Great, build your team of horses and Sponsors to be Successful, Many ups and downs. It’s very rewarding sport, The horses are our family like anyone, we put our heart and soul into racing every year.

Question 6: Who designs your chuckwagon? Also, are all of the chuckwagons the same built as the other contestants?

We have a strict rule book that has all the specific demesions and weights , we are inspect same as a#NASCAR

Question 7: How does chuckwagon racers get sponsors? Does your whole team have to go with you kind of like a conference kind of deal?

Advertisers enjoy the wide coverage they get from racing. their advertising is on our wagon on the radio. The amazing thing is anyone can do it! If you want to promote your Company and Product its a very unique way.

Question 8: What’s the longest sponsor you’ve had in your Chuckwagon racing career?

Currently I have Tomco. They are a specialized Oilfield Company, Check them out http://www.tomco.ca  they are hiring!!

Question 9: For someone that’s wanting to get involved in CWR. What’s the best advice you can give them? Also, do you teach a CWR class?

Well best thing is to Save your $$$, find a great Sponsor and let your Passion take over. I do help people learn how to Drive , all drivers have some old horses that know there jobs and are great to learn how to drive with.

Question 10: If you had to participate in any other rodeo event what would it be, and why?

I grew up team roping, I still enjoy it even though I don’t get to do it often.

To stay up to date with Rae Croteau JR. Chuckwagon races check him out on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RaeCroteau

Website: http://www.croteauchuckwagonteam.com/

Thanks again to everyone that joined us last night on RodeoChat! For those of you who couldn’t make last night’s RodeoChat I hope you enjoyed my blog post of my Tweetchat with Rae! Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend 😉

– Paige Gregory




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