World Professional Chuckwagon Driver invades RodeoChat tonight!

Rae Croteau JR.

World Professional Chuck Wagon Driver

Exciting. Young. Successful

Rae Croteau JR. , World Professional Chuck Wagon driver from Bonnyville, AB started his chuck wagon driving career in 1982 outriding. Then, in 1999 he started driving Chuck Wagons. Rae,  is a Third generation Chuck Wagon Driver. Rae, is the son and grandson of former GMC Rangeland Derby finalists Bert Croteau and Ray Croteau, and is a cousin to fellow driver Chanse Vigen.  In 2009, Rae qualified for the Calgary Stampede’s inaugural “Semi Final Saturday” .  Rae’s, three horses were named to the WPCA’s Equine Outfit of Excellence, and received the WPCA Showmanship Award for professionalism in 2002. Rae has won nine major show championships just to name a few: three Strathmore Heritage Days Stampedes, three Badlands Dinosaur Derbies. As you can see champions were made in the Croteau family! But who wouldn’t want it any other way?

RodeoChat History Lesson of the day: Chuckwagon racing is an equestrian rodeo sport in which drivers in a chuckwagon led by a team of  Thoroughbred horses race around a track. The sport is most popular in the Prairie Provinces of Canada, where the World Professional Chuckwagon Association and the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association, are the two major racing circuits. Chuckwagon racing is a team event, led by a driver who commands a team of horses pulling the chuckwagon, and is supported by two or four outriders, each racing individual thoroughbred horses that follow the chuckwagon. Each race typically involves three or four teams, and begins with the outriders “breaking camp”, by tossing two tent poles (with four outriders only) and a barrel representing a camp stove into the back of their wagon before mounting their horses and following the wagons as they complete a figure eight around two barrels before circling a race track. Also, The first Chuckwagon that crosses the finish line is the winner! 

– Wikipedia

Now, Rodeo fans.. Tonight is gonna be a different kind of RodeoChat. Tonight, is gonna be an equestrian RodeoChat. Rae, is an Equestarian world Professional chuckwagon driver! So, I thought why not change it up a bit and try something new tonight? Worth a shot! Equestarian RodeoChat Fans,  chuckwagon racing fans.. Rae Croteau JR. will be my guest tonight on RodeoChat! Use/Follow RodeoChat on one of the HOTTEST social media sites TWITTER! RodeoChat, will start at 8 PM CST, but if you’re joining from Canada the chat will start at 7 PM Mountain Central Time! For More info, check out:

– Paige Gregory



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