Jan. 31ST PRS Bullfighter Jason McCall #RodeoChat

For those of you that missed tonight’s RodeoChat with Professional Roughstock Bullfighter Jason McCall.. Here is the chat word for word posted for you the Rodeo fans:

Question 1:  Some people have mentors that helped them chase their dreams. Do you have a mentor that helped you in your bullfightin career? If so, who is it?

Yes, of coarse. I had two the first was my father & the second was a long time great friend & retired bullfighter Bill Hamilton.

Question 2: As a bullfighter which bulls do you think are easier to handle? Mexican fighting bulls or american bulls?

The Mexican fighting bulls have a lot more heat to them so id say have to say them. It makes it easier to drop fakes and get into the shoulder. (P.S – We got a little bullfighting vocab lesson tonight! For those of you who are wondering what Fake means in bullfighting terms: Fake – when you drop a fake, all your doing is stepping to one direction but then going your really going the other way. Your trying to deceive the bull as much as you can in a split second) 


Question 3: How does it go for a bullfighter to book events? Does the Rodeo Assoc. Call you? Or do you have to call in Like bull riders to be able to ride/fight bulls in the event?

It depends really. When i started out i would go to the practice pens in the areas and try to meet stock contractors. But now 10 yrs. later ive made a name from myself and have committees call me to come work a show. I also still work events for the same contractors i started with 10 yrs. ago. They are all like family to me.

Question 4: What’s one rodeo you haven’t had the chance to fight bulls at that you would want to fight bulls at?

Hands down the St. Paul rodeo in St. Paul Oregon. I almost did the PBR touring pro event there last year but had a scheduling conflict. its right in my back yard. so it would have been nice. The energy at that show is outstanding every year!

Question 5: It’s a new Year, and a new year means going out and trying new thing’s.. What’s something new your doing this year that you didn’t do last year in your Bullfightin career?

Shoot, i dont know! The @ProRoughStock Series is def a new experience. Traveling to the East Coast for a lot of the events is by far something new. As far as the fighting portion i couldnt tell you. i kind of just go day by day and if there is something new id like to try then it’ll def be a spur of the moment decision!

Fan Question from V Johnston (Twitter Handle: @dallyon2) – Did Jason play any other sports before Rodeo?

I did. I was a 3 sport athlete growing up. Football, wrestling & baseball year round. Baseball was the sport I excelled at the most. I was voted to the Oregon 4A HS Allstate teams my jr. & sr years!

Thanks so much Jason McCall for taking the time to chat with the #RodeoChat crew tonight! Wishing you safe travels to Reading, PA and hope you break some records at your next event!

– Paige Gregory


5 thoughts on “Jan. 31ST PRS Bullfighter Jason McCall #RodeoChat

      • the mexico’s will go after the cape, the American bull is much smarter and will not go after the cape but will hook the BF instead. some of them can be good watching but still nothing like the cross breds. You weren’t around back in the days before the mexico’s were introduced to rodeo. there were a bunch of bad hookin bramers. I believe the BF much rather fight the mexic’s

      • there were many a great BF back in my and some mighty good-uns today. years ago the BF was also the funny man and had to entertain the crowd thru out the rodeo performance. Most of them had acts as well and told jokes. When ever there was a lul in the perf. the Clown/BF, would immediately begin telling jokes until the probable was solved and the perf could resume. Also they had no protection gear to wear as the do today. I don’t think many of todays bf wud take the chances they do if they didn’t have all the armour they wear these days.

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