1/24 #RodeoChat – Xtreme Bronc Rider DJ Stoneburner

For those of you that missed tonight’s RodeoChat on Twitter, here is the full on chat word for word posted for you the Rodeo fans! Enjoy everyone ūüėČ

Question 1: So, DJ.. How did you get started into Xtreme Bronc Riding?

No, it kinda runs in the family my dad Danny Stoneburner competed in it with his brother mark Stoneburner and their friend Bill agin who is my partner . ¬†Wade and trace Agin dad the won 3 national title competing together.¬†the first time I competed I was 15 it was at our local rodeo my dad asked if I wanted to do and I said ya my mom wasn’t to¬†happy about it but we figured she got out voted 2 to 1 lol.

Question 2: Is there anyone that you look up to in your Xtreme bronc riding career/bull riding that has made an impact on you besides your family members?


Question 3: I have been getting a lot of question’s on why Xtreme bronc riding is a team event, and why did you name your team “team Agin.com” ? And, not something more unique?

XBR Is a team event because it’s probably the truest sport in rodeo it is one of the first events it’s how they did it way back¬†when there wasn’t any chutes you had to get the horse stopped and saddled and ride and it became a competition.¬†¬†Between ranches of who’s hand could be the best at it. In the¬†XBR¬†we keep that tradition alive.¬†we don’t get on in the chutes when we start. The only thing on the horse is a halter and a shank rope and its up to your¬†mugger and shank man to get the horse stopped. Then, I (DJ Stoneburner) come in and saddle it and have to ride through a finish line.¬†sound easy enough right? But there is a lot of strategy to working your horse and there is about 5 or 5 teams coming out of¬†the chutes at once. Team Agin.com¬†is to promote the event my two teammates are brothers the Agins it’s how where know and you can look up team Agin.com :¬†http://Www.teamagin.com

Question 4: Xtreme bronc ridin (Wild horse racin) seems pretty tough.. How does your team get prepared for an event?

just like any rodeo gets prepared for getting on a bull or bronc there is a lot of mental prep visualizing what could happen,¬†and planning on how your going to handle the horse. ¬†Talking with one another and coming up with a game plan.¬†that’s one thing Gary Leffew talked about a lot and taught me was to visualize your ride

Question 5: Has your Xtreme Bronc Ridin team “Team Agin.Com” had any serious injuries? If so, what happens if it’s during your Xtreme bronc riding tour. How does that work out?

well hopefully we can power through it and compete in Cheyenne this year¬†@CFDRodeo¬†I broke my hand after the first go.¬†and rodeo the rest of the week to win the@CFDRodeo¬†rodeo that was a huge win for us but if one can’t compete. We¬†can get an alternate as long as two of the original members are competing or the team captain is competing for the points to count.¬†

Question 6: What are your 2013 goals for the Xtreme bronc riding team “Team Agin.com” this year?

Well first we of course want to win the nation again and go and compete well and hopefully win Cheyenne this year. But we want promote the event and the association we have a few more rodeos this year. We hope to keep growing. I would personally like to see us run alongside the @ProRoughStock and compete at the events. I think the XBR and @ProRoughStock are a perfect fit.

Question 10: If you could give advice to anyone starting out their bronc riding career what advice would you give them?

The biggest thing is just to get out there and do it! Experience is your number one way to learn and don’t be afraid to¬†come up to any of us and ask for help we all help each other out . An attend the team¬†http://agin.com¬†¬†school you can¬†look up when the next one will be at¬†http://www.teamagin.com¬†¬†there we will be able to slow things down for you and teach you¬†the basics so you can compete safely. And then work on being fast it’s a great event my favorite and one heck of an¬†adrenaline rush . But for starters I would definitely say check out the XBR website at¬†http://www.XtremeBroncRiding.com¬†¬†there you can¬†Find out almost anything you want to know about the event!

To keep up with Dj Stoneburner, and his Xtreme bronc riding career follow him on his social media sites:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DjStoneburner

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DjStoneburner2

Websites: http://www.xtremebroncriding.com/ & http://www.teamagin.com/index.php

Hope everyone enjoyed tonight’s RodeoChat, and Thank you DJ for taking the time to chat with us tonight on RodeoChat! Hope everyone has a wonderful night, and a great weekend!

– Paige Gregory


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