One tough cowboy that has the Jack of all trades..


I’m all about doing new thing’s, and meeting new people who do different stuff. So, the other day on Twitter I posted a tweet about trying something new on RodeoChat. And, I got a tweet from Xtreme Saddle Bronc Rider DJ Stoneburner telling me that I needed to check out Team on the Xtreme bronc riding website. So, I did and I did my homework and read the history of the sport and checked out all the riders and their bio’s. So, as i’m reading their bio’s I keep seeing the word “Team” pop up everywhere.. First off, Xtreme bronc riding is different than any other rodeo event. It’s like a wild horse race, but instead of racing around circle’s in the arena the horse tries to buck you off. Hence the fact they call it Xtreme bronc riding. Second, you don’t come out of the chute’s on the bronc your other partner’s (usually 2 guy’s) are trying to get a handle on the bronc. So, pretty much the point of the event is.. Who ever can get the bronc saddled up the fastest and ride’s it out win’s the event, 😉

Here’s a video of DJ’s team “Team Agin.Com” in action:

So, after DJ was finished telling me about Xtreme bronc riding and about his bronc riding team “Team” I figured I should future this guy on RodeoChat! So, if your interested about the Xtreme bronc riding rodeo assoc and about the “TEAM” part of it.. Then you should most definitely check out RodeoChat NEXT Thursday at 8 PM CST as I’ll be chattin with Xtreme Bronc Rider DJ StoneBurner himself about this wicked event that requires a team and rank horses!

P.S – Every Rodeo Fan’s favorite rodeo event is bull riding. Not to mention, DJ is also a bull rider in the PRCA, and the PBRTPD as well. See why I call him the “One Tough Cowboy that has the jack of all trades” now yall? haha!

Hope to see y’all Next Thursday Jan. 24th over on RodeoChat on Twitter!

– Paige Gregory




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