What i’m cranking up on this Music Monday.. The Cadillac Black

Jaren Johnston

Kelby Ray

Neil Mason

These guy’s are “THE CADILLAC BLACK”

 ” On stage “TCB” bring a high energy show that will make your feet stomp, your beers pop & your heart skip a beat” says SXSW a huge music festival in Texas.

You might have seen “TCB” on the road with Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, ZZ Top, and a few other big name artists. Or you might even heard the lead singer of “TCB” (Jaren Johnston) songwriting skills put to the test by Keith Urban recording ” You’re Gonna Fly ” that just so happened to go #1!! “TCB” is a new Southern Rock band from Nashville that have been around for a year now, and they are already making waves across the music industry!

If I had to describe the Genre of music “TCB” is I’d have to say..  radio-ready country anthems, hard and heavy rock, and traditional southern folk.

Jaren Johnston the lead singer of “TCB” records his music a little bit differently than other artists these days, and its lead him to great success in the music business! Here’s a video on how Jaren Johnston from ” The Cadillac Black ” creates his music:

I’m a huge fan of artists that create their own sound, and that are different than any other artist that is out there today! The Cadillac Black is unique, and I’m a HUGE FAN of unique artists that go their own way, and route in the music industry! Still curious to how good “The Cadillac Black” is? Check out this video below, and some of the TOP stars in Nashville today will tell you “JUST” how good they are 😉

Who are you listening to on this #MusicMonday ? I wanna know what y’all are listening to these day’s! Feel free to comment below with your answer! I hope y’all have a wonderful week!


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