My favorite #MusicMonday artist is Corb Lund!

 There’s all kind’s of horses that will leave you graben the breeze.. Busted up, broken up, with scars you can’t see. But if you ain’t been bucked off or thrown a few times it don’t count for nothing if you don’t make that last ride..You Ain’t A Cowboy If You Ain’t Been Bucked Off.

Corb Lund, is an Alberta-born honky-tonker ranging from rockabilly to Western swing, cowboy balladry to country-rock. And, of course, the occasional yodel…

Cabin Fever is Corb Lund’s BRAND NEW album that just came out August 14th! Corb Lund traveled to a lot of interesting places to write song’s for his new album for instance he traveled to Las Vegas, Austin, and New York City! It’s pretty crazy how traveling to different city’s can inspire you to write GREAT music! Corb Lund, call’s his NEW album “organic sounding” meaning there’s no  overdubs it’s just loose and live! Did I mention that Corb Lund’s NEW album “Cabin Fever” is the #1 album in Canada? Yup! With that being said Corb Lund will be promoting his new album by going out on tour starting Nov 16th in Halifax, NS – and ending DEC 13th in Vancouver, BC! For more information on Corb’s tour dates you can check out his website:

I had the chance to see Corb Lund in Billings, Montana last year at a convention I attended and I have been a fan ever since! Isen’t it funny how you can be hooked to an artist, and you’ve only seen them perform once! Crazy how that works out 🙂

I have taken some time off from the Music Industry, to focus on chasing my dreams. I’m in Vet School right now, and I’m wanting to open up my own LARGE animal Vet business in Montana. One of Corb Lund’s tracks that I like  is called ” Talkin Veternarian Blues” and “Horse Doctor, Come Quick” .

I’m a Rock N’ Roll Cowgirl, and a business women that’s in Vet School! Corb Lund’s music has helped me through my studies tonight, and the lyric’s “You Got Something That Other Vets Don’t Have” is true.. Because, I’m the only student in my class that took on working with Exotic animals! You gotta take risks to chase your dreams 🙂


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