Southern bell mobile large animal vet

On August 16th, 2012 I started my journey to Thailand to work at the Elephant hospital for Vet School.. But, before I boarded my flight I did some last minute southern traditions!

I had to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel before I left πŸ™‚

Oh, and of course a Starbucks drink when I got to the Airport! (double Choclate chip mocha)


Now, I’m off and ready to go chase my dream in Thailand..


So, I get to the gate I’m supposed to be at to catch my flight to Chicago. And, I get this tweet from American Airlines..


As you can imagine I’m freaking out, and worried about if I’m gonna make my flight to Chicago to catch my flight to Tokyo. Long story short, I ended up missing my flight to Tokyo from Chicago. So I went to the American Airlines information desk to see if I could even get a flight out of Chicago.. They had a spot left leaving at 8 PM that night, and instead of Flying to Tokyo they had me stop in Germany. So I had a little bit of a Layover in Chicago, but I didn’t complain one bit because I had phone service a bit longer.. And, I had the chance to eat at Chilis an get a drink before I boarded my long 9 hour flight to Germany..

Oh ya, here’s my small plane ride (literally) to Chicago!


Drink of choice on my layover in Chicago at Chilis.. Strawberry Margarita mmm!!


Times up, and I’m about to board my flight to Germany! So I say all my goodbyes, and I love you’s to all of my friends an family as I had no service for my phone or Internet why I was in Thailand.

9 hours later, and I’m finally in Germany! Did I mention I also have a 9 hour layover in Germany? Funny story, the gal I sat with to Germany also had a 9 hour layover! So she invited me out to the city.. We take our bags to the baggage office to see if they can watch our bags, an so they did.. Now, begins my 9 hour journey in Germany..

They have Alchocal stores at the Airport in Germany!

The airports in Germany were like top secret agencies! Everything had to be hidden, an it was dark!

To leave the airport you had to go through customs..

I had to go through so much security/customs in Germany..

(I didn’t take any photos of the city of Germany, because dumb me I forgot my phone in my carry on bag that I had left behind)

Places I went, an visited in Germany:
Disney castle
And some fancy restaurants of course ❀

So, now it’s time for me to head back to the airport an board my flight to Bangkok.



My flight to Bangkok airport went by super fast! Probably because I slept most of it πŸ˜‰

View of Bangkok from the sky ✈

I literally hit the ground runnin!!


Drivers side on right side ayyyyeee!!!

No idea what the road signs say, but I’m glad the taxi driver knew where he was going!

Pretty cool double head elephant sculpture!

You see these cows everywhere on the side of the road gettin there grub on! Oh, they all wore jingle bells πŸ””

This is how we got around! So much fun to ride 😜

Markets down the road from work.

The entrance to the Elephant Hospital I worked at in Thailand! ✨🌟

Where I ate dinner & lunch at everyday!

Cold beer in my elephants water bucket ! Cowgirl style πŸ˜‰

My security dog sleeping..

First time playing beer pong, an I’m no good lol!

Love this chick Jackie! We had so many Good times together at the village πŸ™‚

My PIC Pierre! Well sorta, he chose to work the monkeys over elephants 😦

Me & Megan from NY I met at the village!

Me & crazy Hannah I met at the Village!

Time to get the party started in Hua Hen!

Great pizza place I ate at in Hua Hen!

First stop: Retro Bar!

Me an Amanda gal I met at Retro Bar so sweet!

They make there PiΓ±a Coladas different in Thailand!

Popular game in Thailand Janga!

Some cool posters I found!

White spiders everywhere!

My boss had a civet as a dang pet in his backyard!

This is Pepsi I had a chance to do some vet treatment on this cute bear. She always greeted me at the gate when it was time for vet treatment.

Made fruit smoothies for the bears!

Vet Office #1 and food house in the back!

Where they made fruit baskets for all the animals I worked with!


This gal BOA has been through so .com/2012/09/20120907-141350.jpg”>;20120907-141350.jpg


My last day at the Elephant hospital in Thailand was the hardest day ever for me.. I had gotten woken up at 3 AM by Elvis moaning and banging his head against the building, and by his stomping. Not to mention, Elvis was having trouble breathing.. Also, I have another problem Elvis can’t lay down or he won’t be able to get back up. So, as I’m checking Elvis for any open wounds I notice Elvis is in the position to sit down so I’m trying everything to make Elvis keep standing. But nothing I could do worked or helped stopped Elvis from sitting down. So, now I’m stuck with finding someone to help me get Elvis back up on his feet. Trust me, finding someone at 3 AM for help was probably the hardest thing ever.. Eventually, I got some help to get Elvis back up on his feet from a group of guys that have a crane an pulled him up. So, now here comes the worst news ever.. I had to end up putting Elvis in Quarentine for 2 months and Elvis sickness has gotten worse. They keep running tests, and still looking for what’s wrong. I keep hoping an praying that they will find out what’s wrong. Before I left Elvis I gave him a bunch of love an kisses. I will miss Elvis and I’ll never forget this crazy fun adventure that I had the chance to take! I’m a firm believer in chasing your dreams, but I’m also a risk taker.. Iv taken risks all my life to get where Iam today, an I wouldn’t change it for anything.


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