There’s just something about a Cowboy..

The way he talks, the way he walks.. Need I say More? 

Everyone has their favorite kind of guy, and my favorite kind of guy is a Ranchy Cowboy. I love a man who works hard, and never gives up! Besides, who doesn’t love a cowboy getting sweaty and dirty while their working? 😉

And, then there’s those bad mother trucker Rodeo Cowboy’s that drive us cowgirls crazy.. God Bless em 😉

Everyone like’s there cowboy’s dressed a little bit differently, but the way I love my cowboy’s dressed is in some nice starched Wranglers and a Pearl Snap shirt.

I’ve always tucked my shirts in and
I creased my old blue jeans,
And I don’t do it because it’s who somebody said I outta be.
Yea when I’m layin’ in that old pine box
And all my family is gathered around
They’ll say “there goes a dying breed six feet in the ground”

100% im a cowboy.
yea just like Chris Ledoux, hey I’m a cowboy.

.. Legends live forever .. 

Happy Trails Yall!


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