My large animal Vet dream!

 ..I have an crazy obsession with Large animals..

..I have an Crazy Obsession with buckin horses..

..I have an crazy obsession with taking risks..

I believe that you have to take risks to chase your dreams!

A couple weeks ago Bill Gates had sent my Vet School an application in Thailand to work with Elephants at a Sanctuary. So my advisor sent me the Application, and I applied for it..

So they did a backround check on me, and two days later.. Guess what?!?!?

I GOT ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!

Not only that.. They asked me if I would be willing to work at the Elephant Hospital, and learn how they take care of Elephants over there! FYI, I have never worked with Elephants before so this will be a HUGE learning expiernce for me. I leave August 19th, and I will be staying there for 2 weeks and i’ll also be living in a Bungalow! This will be my very first time leaving the country, and i’ll be going all by myself!

Here are some pictures below of the Elephant Sancutary that I’ll be working at over in Thailand:

Am I scared? Nope, this is my dream and it’s coming true!




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