Time for this Rock N’ Roll Cowgirl to shine..

So, today I decided to go on a little shopping spree. I went and checked out this Lebanon Premium Outlet mall that’s about 30 Minutes away from me! Let me tell you, this little outlet mall had a lot of my favorite stores that I like to shop at!

 I went today just looking around, and I didn’t really plan on buying anything to be honest.. But, then I walked into my favorite store called Pacsun! If you have never heard of Pacsun before you should check out there website: www.pacsun.com they carry a lot of cute clothes from Roxy,Billabong,Metal Mulisha, Young & Reckless, and so much more! Not to mention.. They had a wonderful sale going on today as well.. 🙂

So as you may already know, I’m not your average Cowgirl you see everyday.. In fact, I’m a Rock ‘N Roll Cowgirl. I don’t like to follow people, I’m leader and I want to set my own trails in life. And hopefully, start a trend while doing so!

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When I got home tonight, I decided to do a fun photo shoot in some of my new favorite attire with one of my friends! So here are some fun pictures in my NEW Young & Reckless Tank Top and Fox Trucker hat and BullHead shorts!

My very first Young & Reckless Tank top from Drama Beats Clothing line Young & Reckless ( Also shown on Fantasy Factory ) ! I have an obsession with Trucker hats, and I had to get a hat to match my new flips flops and my whole outfit as well!

Metal Mulisha

I ended up trying on one of there bikini’s

I loved the style, and the fit of the bikini that I ended up buying it! Cool thing about this bikini was I got 50% off of the regular price so I ended up saving some money after all!

Here is some fun shots of me in my Metal Mulisha Bikini, and Fox Trucker hat

I had so much fun doing this fun little photo shoot in my brand new bikini, and outfit! I can’t wait to wear my new outfit this summer at the beach, and wearing my new bikini at water parks all around the world! I hope that everyone has a great summer, and even more memories made then last year!

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While I was writing this blog post I was listening to the band Slayer, and here is one of Slayer’s songs that I liked the most! Enjoy..


3 thoughts on “Time for this Rock N’ Roll Cowgirl to shine..

  1. everyone should take a page out of your book an live a little bit more like you Paige. The world might be a happier place…….! \m/ rock on partner

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