Wild Horses Are Born To Run..

Ever since I was a little girl i’v always wanted to catch wild horses, and break them with my own style. What’s my own style? Well, I can’t tell you that would be giving it away!

 My favorite kind of wild horses are paints, and blue roans. But, to be honest I love all kinds of horses. There’s just something about a wild horse that has always caught my attention! I have learned about them, and I have almost caught a wild horse! But, the only problem was.. Even if I did catch the wild horse I would have no way to bring it home because I was flying 😦 Seem’s like everytime I get something good I have to leave it. Story of my life..

There’s just something about a Paint horse that has that special place in my heart! I have helped save a couple paint horses in my vet career, and I have brought some back to life!


There’s just something about a Blue Roan horse that I just can’t take my mind off of!

Blue Roan horses look like midnight moon horses to me, maybe I should make a new breed of horses called “Midnight Moon” sounds cool, right? Ha ha. I’m learning how to be a stock contractor for buckin horses, and I have yet to see a blue roan buckin horse yet.. So, i’v been thinking maybe I should bring them out into the arena? Maybe, but that’ll take some time!

Why am I in love with wild horses? Well, i’m like a wild horse i’m born to run. I have never let anyone hold me back from chasing my dreams. And, I have always ran for my dreams no matter the good or bad. I guess me, and wild horses have the “Born to run” thing in common. Not to mention, i’m going to open up my large animal vet business in Montana where it’s gods country where wild horses are free to roam..

I wanna know, what do you think about wild horses?


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