Dirt – Trucks – Mufflers – And YelaWolf!

Attention Blog readers your about to see a new side of me!

For those of you that don’t know me i have an obsession with music, especially new artists that have worked so hard to get where there at today! In this blog post, you’re gonna learn about one of my NEW favorite Artists by the name of Yelawolf!

Now my heart’s in control of my brain And I can’t hold it in the lanes – Yelawolf

The first time I ever heard the name YelaWolf was when I was going through my news feed on facebook. So, me being the curious type I opened up my Spoitfy account and typed in the name “YelaWolf” in the search bar and a whole bunch of tracks showed up! The first track that caught my attention was “Let’s Roll” that YelaWolf did with Kid Rock!

Michael Atha A.K.A YelaWolf has a brand new album out called “Radioactive”! On YelaWolf’s brand new album you will notice a lot of familiar artists! Such as Eminem, who just signed YelaWolf too Shady Records! My favorite track YelaWolf did with Eminem and Wiz Khalifa would have to be ” Hard ” !

(Warning there’s a lot of cussing!)

My second favorite track from YelaWolf would have to be Daddy’s Lambo who Drama Beats produced. For those of you who don’t know who Drama Beats is he’s Rob Dydrek cousin, and he is on the TV show on MTV called Fantasy Factory! Drama Beats also has his own Mix Tape out called Young & Restless!

Don’t be surprised if you hear about Chevy trucks, truck beds,back roads,mudding, and the southern twang in YelaWolf’s voice! He is an Alabama southern born rapper who traveled too Tennessee quite a bit as a child experiencing the different lifestyles and upbringing’s! No matter what Yelawolf has been through in his past, and the thing’s he raps about I will always be a fan! Why? Because, he raps about real life situations that come from the heart. I have always been a fan of artists that write their own music because it means more, and the fan’s can relate to their life situations! Yes, I’m a brand new fan of YelaWolf and I can’t wait to see what he bring’s to the plate next!

Here are some pictures of YelaWolf and the artists that he has worked with:

^ YelaWolf and Kid Rock ^

^ YelaWolf and Drama Beats  ^

^ YelaWolf and the crew that’s on Shady Records ^

Yes, I’m a Cowgirl and I listen too all kinds of music! You wanna Judge me? Go for it 😉


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