New age; New Me!

Hello Everyone 😉

 These past couple of weeks have been extremely crazy for me! I have tooken a lot of risks, done a lot of firsts, and i have made a lot of memories!

First thing’s first, Last Thursday was my 21st Birthday! My birthday was extra special for me because my mom met me in Las Vegas. I got to spend the whole week, and my birthday with my mother! Best Birthday present this cowgirl could ever ask for!

 As you all may know Portland, OR is where i’m originally from and that’s where my momma still lives today! With me living in Tennessee, makes thing’s hard to see each other with the way the economy is going these day’s. I’m lucky if I get to see my mom twice a year, but when we do see each other we make up for it!

 When I was in Las Vegas, I had the chance to drive to Arizona and check it out! I have never been to Arizona before, and neither has my momma or her boyfriend so it was an extra special first for all of us! ( Was super windy and Cold ) But, we made some great memories too look at back on down the road.

Las Vegas was and AMAZING CRAZY FUN place! We rode all of the roller coasters, and one of the craziest places we went too was the Stratosphere! We went on all of the rides at the stratosphere, and one of the stomach turning rides was the BIG SHOT! Me, and my mom rode BIG SHOT together and we had a blast!

While we were in Las Vegas we also got to check out the brand new KISS miniture golf course black light club!

My birthday was March 15th, and last Thursday was a huge day for my family! My Grandma went too my My little sister Mercedes Air Force boot camp graduation in, San Antonio! Now, she is off to Missippi doing training for 6 more weeks but at least she has more freedom now! I’m so proud of my sister, she has been through hell and back in the Air Force and she has never gave up! Missippi, is only 4 hours away from me and I can’t wait till she get’s leave so I can go visit her! I have not seen my sister since last summer, and I can’t wait to see her again here soon!

March 18th, was an very emotional day for me and my sister! We both had to say goodbye’s that werent easy. I had to say goodbye to my mom which is never easy since we live so far apart. My sister, had to say goodbye to Grandma, and her father. My sister left for Missippi on Monday for another 6 weeks of training. With Missippi only being 4 hours away from me i’ll be able to see her when she is allowed to have guests! Goodbye’s are never easy, but they sure do make for a great next Hello!

^ Me, Grandma, Cousin Heaven, My sister Mercedes, My cousin Cheyenne ^

My family is full of girls, and there are no men in my family. So, you can pretty much say girl’s rule the world? Hehe!

I’m a HUGE risk taker, and I have some crazy obsessions! I’m officially 21, and i’m taking my first semester of Vet School. I attend two colleges, and i’m a business women trying to open up her very own Large Animal Vet business in Montana! My obsessions; I want to make buckin horses as big as bull riding. What are dreams without taking risks? Right now, I’m making a decison to move too Texas all by myself in August and finish Vet School.

Call me crazy, call me insane.. I’m a Cowgirl Dreamer that’s never giving up!

Country As Me 😉


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