My Obsession; Buckin Horses

Painted Valley . 10 . Bay Paint . Ranch Raised Stud

 Some of you may know that i’m obsessed with Buckin Horses. Why, may you ask? Well, I’m learning how to be a stock contractor for buckin horses. Also, Buckin Horses is a rare rodeo event these day’s. A lot of the Rodeo associations don’t have buckin horses as an event. Buckin Horses are unique, and different in more ways then one! For Example: With Buckin horses you have a choice, you can ride saddle bronc or bareback. Personally, I think bareback is a lot better because it’s different then Saddle Bronc and wilder. Too me, Saddle bronc looks like ridin a normal horse but then again it’s not that easy to ride either. So, as I begin my journey on learning how to be a Stock Contractor I will learn how to Train Buckin Horses Bareback and Saddle Bronc. Why? Well, not every cowboy wants to ride bareback and not every cowboy wants to ride saddle bronc. So therefor, you have to mix it up a bit and try both events in the Rodeo industry!

Look at me fly! (Bareback Buckin Horse)

Saddle Bronc

Better Move fast before you get stepped on! ( Saddle Bronc buckin horse )

I get asked a lot about how come I don’t wanna be a stock contractor for Buckin bulls? Well, everyone wants to raise buckin bulls and have the winning bull. But, why do I wanna be like everyone else? I’m me, I’m a Cowgirl Dreamer that want’s too stand out in the crowd and go my own routes. I wanna raise buckin horses because I love horses for one, and for two it’s a dieing breed that I wanna make as big as buckin bulls. A girl sure can try, and i’m not giving up!

Here are some of my favorite buckin horses in the NFR:

Big Tex

Skoal Sippin

Hell’s Angel

Pretty intresting names, huh? Bucking horses aren’t just your average horses. They are kind of like a different breed, that bucks instead of just trailing a long on the horse riding trails. Bucking horses are my obsession, and it’s something unique that i love!

So, as I close out my blog I wanna know what your obsessed with? And, what’s something unique about you?

Hope yall have a great weekend, and enjoy the beautiful weather!


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