Chasing my dreams..

These next few weeks are going to be the toughest for me.. My Career Field of being a Large Animal Vet is making me take a lot of risks, and sacrifices also heartbreaking at times! But, one of the cool thing’s about my career field is i’m learning about different Large Animals in other countries.

For Example:

The Africander bull from South Africa!

I have been learning about this pretty pony from Ethiopia the Abyssinian!

Asian Elephants

Believe it or not I actually wrote a paper on a rare white lion for my Research writing class, and funny thing is i’m actually learning about this lion as we speak!

  Your probably wondering why I posted pictures of Elephants, and lions. Well, I had a meeting with my advisor from Texas A&M a few weeks ago. He asked me if I ever thought about working with other animals besides cows and horses ( To be honest, I have been thinking about working with other animals besides horses and cows ) . So, my answer was “yes, of course I’d love to work with Exotic animals besides horses and cows”. So now, i’m learning about exotic animals and how there systems work! Quite fascinating if you ask me.. Or I might just be a nerd when it comes to large animals, because I love learning about animals!

Either way, in my Large animal vet career I will be working and saving lives of different breeds of animals all over the country! Each day I get one step closer of chasing my dream! My dream is to open up my own Large Animal Vet business in Montana.. Also, I wanna make buckin horses as big as bull ridin! A girl can sure try!

 I’m a Cowgirl Dreamer;I’m never giving up;I’m working hard;I’m focused


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