Last night I had the Privilege to see Dierks Bentley “Coming Home” album release party!

Last night was an amazing night that I will probably never forget. Last night I attended Dierks Bentleys “Coming Home” album release party at the mother church of country music the Ryman Auditorium! Not only that, but Dierks Bentley was the last standalone concert at the Ryman Auditorium before they tore down the stage. The Ryman Auditorium stage has had 6 decades of music walk across the stage, and rolled on the stage! From the king Elvis Presley, to Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Bob Dylan, Minnie Pearl, Roy Acuff just to name a few have sang on this very stage! Starting tomorrow (Saturday) the workers that are building the new stage will work every day for 2 weeks stright! The Band Perry will be the first one’s to perform on the NEW Ryman Auditorium stage Feb. 20th!

Last night Dierks Bentley had quite a few guest appearances on his show!
Dierks Bentley and his Daughter Evie performing together!
Dierks Bentley performing with Karen Fairchild from LBT!
I couldn’t get a picture of the Del McCoury band performing last night with Dierks. So, here is Dierks performing with the Del McCoury band out in the parking lot during the Bluegrass Music Festival in the Ryman parking lot. Yes, the Del McCoury band made an appearance last night during Dierks Bentleys show at the Ryman Auditorium last night!
Last but not least, Will Hoge opened up for Dierks Bentley Last night!
Will Hoge is a country/rock singer that sings a style of Texas country music.
 You can beg, beg, beg like a dog Chase her ’round the world, but she’ll still be gone She did you right once, but left you all wrong Now you’re chewin’ on a Dear John letter Oooh, she’s a little heartwrecker  – DB 😉


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