Let’s give this buckin horse a trial..

Lipstick And Whiskey 😉

Powder River Rodeo

Riverton, Wyoming

 There’s a first for everything, and this is my very first blog post on WordPress! I’m ready to see how this NEW blog goes for me.. I have never really thought about making a blog EVER tell just the other day. So here it goes..

I have an obsession with bucking horses, i’m learning how to be a stock contractor for buckin horses. I hope that one day I can make broncs as big as bull riding! A girl sure can try..

I also have an obsession with music! Some of my favorite genres of music are: Texas Country, Rock, and hip-hop. I love going to Country clubs to dance the night away with my friends!

My last obsession is Montana, my dream is to open up my own Large animal vet business out on a huge ranch. The reason I would love to have a huge ranch out in Montana is because i’m a HUGE animal lover. I love buffalo, bulls, horses, and exotic animals like elephants, tigers, cheetahs and etc. I have also thought about having my own rodeo arena, and having a buckin horse rodeo just for bareback, and saddle bronc riders.

Alrighty, enough about my obsessions here is one crazy fact about me! I also work in the music, and i’m a traveling gypsy.. Check out what I do in the music business: www.LizGregoryTalent.com or you could even “Like” Liz Gregory Talent And Productions on facebook!

2012 Has brought some new excitement and thrills.. I won my first dance contest in New York!!!! That was a REAL shocker and surprise. While I was in New York I had the chance to meet, and talk to one of my favorite country music singers Josh Thompson! I’ve been privileged with some great opportunities, and i’m surrounded by some amazing people in my life!

A week ago from today, my little sister Mercedes left for boot camp in San Antonio. Today, she called me from boot camp and it was one of the hardest things ever! It was so hard not to get upset, and on top of that my sister is not feeling so well. All the medicine, and food they are giving my sister is making her sick. Also, the boots they have to wear when their training are to big for my sisters feet. So she has to wait even longer to get a new pair. When they asked my sister if she wanted to go home she said “Heck no, I’m gonna stick it out to the finish line!” I have one tough sister, and I can’t wait to see her in March when she graduates boot camp!

I’m originally from Portland, Oregon but one day I decided that Oregon just wasn’t for me.. So, on my last day of my junior year of highschool my mom took me to the airport and i jumped on a plane to Nashville. It’s Pretty crazy for what we do for our dreams, right?

My blog posts are going to be about my obsessions, and my dreams. With an exception of maybe just a few random blog posts that may come to mind one day.

I hope to let people know about buckin horses, and my dreams and why i’m a cowgirl dreamer. maybe even bring some new fans over to the buckin horse world. Who knows? You’ll never know unless you try! If you find my blog post intresting, i hope that you;ll follow me along in my blogging journey. Until then..

Dust yourself off; and Cowgirl Up!


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